The internet’s love for memes is endless. But does its love extend to a meme tattoo that combines the precious Baby Yoda with supermarket star White Claw? That’s a little less clear. Baby Yoda, a younger version of the Star Wars Jedi Master, has been circling Twitter since his debut onRead More →

Instagram and Facebook were down Thursday morning, and since the outage occurred on the morning of Thanksgiving in the U.S., many people responded with holiday-related jokes and memes. Facebook confirmed to the Daily Dot that Facebook’s family of apps, including Instagram, were experiencing outages Thursday morning. “We’re working to getRead More →

After being roasted for allegedly being rude at her meet-and-greets, fans are now joking about Summer Walker’s appearance at BET’s Soul Train Awards–specifically a photo of Walker that has since been turned into a meme. Fans took a picture of Walker standing awkwardly on the red carpet and are Photoshopping herRead More →

Most people share baby pictures featuring cute teddy bears or cuddly blankets. But one Twitter user is breaking the internet with a less than ordinary photo of himself with none other than what appears to be Rosa Parks. Twitter user @lovechvn was taking part in a meme, in which TwitterRead More →

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott showed off his unique warmup routine right before Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings, instantly inspiring a wave of #DakDancestoAnything memes. Prescott’s moves include a hip whip and twisting motion that is meant to open up his hips (where the quarterback gets most of hisRead More →

In a wholesome video circulating online this week, a group of Lebanese protesters burst out with popular children’s tune “Baby Shark” to soothe a toddler seated inside his mother’s car.  Eliane Jabbour was driving through Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, where massive anti-corruption demonstrations have halted the city since Thursday. Thousands of demonstrators have taken overRead More →