President Donald Trump’s love of conspiracy theories and theorists may have hit a peak with his new favorite Covid-19 doctor, Stella Immanuel. Not just anti-mask and pro-hydroxychloroquine, Immanuel also believes that alien DNA is regularly used in medical treatments and that dream sex with demons is responsible for gynecological problems.Read More →

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading figure advising the White House on the coronavirus response, threw out the first pitch before Major League Baseball’s first game of its coronavirus-shortened 2020 season on Thursday night. And while it certainly wasn’t the worst first pitch ever (that likely goes to 50 Cent), Fauci—deckedRead More →

Overwatch fans may be some of the horniest gamers in existence. After Blizzard Entertainment added size customization options to the first-person shooter, Twitter gazed upon its new Overwatch goddess, giantess Mercy, with awe, thirst, and memes. The horniness began after Blizzard unveiled a Public Test Region (PTR) build, or pre-launchRead More →

President Donald Trump on Wednesday uploaded a photo to Instagram showcasing an assortment of products from Goya Foods. The food company has found itself at the center of America’s ideological war after Goya’s CEO praised the president last week. The incident led many to boycott Goya Foods, while Trump’s supportersRead More →