As Twitchy reported on Thursday this week, the Washington Post wrote an entire piece accusing North Carolina Republicans of holding a surprise vote while Democrats were attending a 9/11 memorial all based on an accusation the governor made. Which was not true. But that didn’t stop WaPo from running withRead More →

We didn’t exactly need a screenshot from the newspaper that originally reported Wednesday morning on the 18 years “since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center,” but it doesn’t hurt either. Ben Shapiro checked with the New York Times’ Opinion section Wednesday morning, and in a selectionRead More →

In case you missed it, this sweet video of two New York City toddlers embracing each other has been making the rounds: These two toddlers' heartwarming reaction to spotting each other on the street will make your Monday. — ABC News (@ABC) September 9, 2019 Wonderful, right? Well,Read More →

Today of all days is probably not the day for CNN to try to take a nuanced look at post-9/11 America. And yet, that’s exactly what John Avlon did today: Is this real? — EducatëdHillbilly (@RobProvince) September 11, 2019 Oh boy. No way — 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐨𝐬 (@ChuckEChaves) September 11, 2019Read More →

We’re at Day 7 on Sharpitegate with no end in sight. Here’s the latest from Brian Stelter: Did the language used to cover President Trump’s false tweets about Hurricane Dorian and Alabama end up helping him? @brianstelter digs into #Sharpiegate — Reliable Sources (@ReliableSources) September 8, 2019 He’s madRead More →

A Chick-fil-A in Toronto is the latest target of activists who are triggered by the fast food chain’s existence: The Yonge & Bloor Chick-fil-A is now open. As promised, at least a hundred LGBTQ and animal rights activists are here, loudly protesting out front. — Mark Carcasole (@MarkCarcGlobal) SeptemberRead More →