After seven episodes of sitcom-centric storytelling, this week‘s WandaVision leaned heavily into MCU canon—ending with a creepy mid-credits scene tying into a vintage Marvel comics storyline: White Vision. The show already dropped plenty of hints that SWORD wants to control Vision’s super-powerful Vibranium corpse. SWORD director Tyler Hayward repeatedly refersRead More →

This review is spoiler-free. What counts as “weird” by Disney and Marvel standards? WandaVision definitely qualifies: A surreal fantasy starring two second-tier Avengers in a series of retro sitcom scenarios, beginning with a black-and-white riff on I Love Lucy and Bewitched. It’s a type of quirkiness that works well for Disney,Read More →

The upcoming Black Widow movie is an espionage thriller set in Eastern Europe, tying into her backstory with the Red Room, an agency that trained women to be spies from an early age. Black Widow’s comic book origins are deeply rooted in the Cold War, but in the MCU, ScarlettRead More →