This review is spoiler-free. What counts as “weird” by Disney and Marvel standards? WandaVision definitely qualifies: A surreal fantasy starring two second-tier Avengers in a series of retro sitcom scenarios, beginning with a black-and-white riff on I Love Lucy and Bewitched. It’s a type of quirkiness that works well for Disney,Read More →

Brazilian artist Lucas Nascimento, better known as Dragonarte on social media, illustrates iconic superheroes and other pop culture characters in quirky scenarios we are not used to seeing them in. The artist comes up with crazy ideas to portray what the daily lives of these characters look like when theyRead More →

If you’ve ever wanted to read the entire run of Marvel‘s Black Panther, now’s the time. The digital comics site Comixology just launched a temporary sale offering (almost) every single Black Panther issue for free, available to anyone with a Comixology account. Comixology didn’t make any kind of public announcement,Read More →