What’s a Batman without his Joker? Similar to a riddle without a punchline: unsatisfying. With no colorful Rogue’s Gallery, Bruce Wayne would just be a billionaire in rubber pajamas hammering the crap out of low-level thugs night after night. Entertaining, but not super necessary. What would young master Link doRead More →

Most of the time, vampires are the villains in Hollywood movies. They’re portrayed as soulless bloodsuckers who pose an existential threat to all humanity. But sometimes even a vampire can be a hero. That’s the case with Morbius, a Marvel hero who’s set to be portrayed by Jared Leto inRead More →

While campaigning in New Hampshire today, Joe Biden told voters “we should put [fossil fuel executives] in jail” for, well, he’s not entirely clear. Something about their actions in “underserved neighborhoods”: .@JoeBiden on fossil fuel execs: “We should put them in jail” for pollution pic.twitter.com/OLqZMwi4E5 — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) DecemberRead More →