Whether by choice or force, Patreon’s NSFW creators are increasingly ditching the site over its 18+ rules. The latest casualties include a gay hypnosis erotica site and an adult anime artist who claims Patreon tried to “exercise a scary amount of financial and public control.” On July 15, Gay SpiralRead More →

In an industry known for exploiting its workers and dealing with sexual assault allegations, sex-positive, ethically produced porn is more important than ever. Luckily, that’s where feminist porn comes in. But what is feminist porn? Well, feminist porn is any kind of pornography that’s created and controlled by marginalized peopleRead More →

By Stacy Fernández Things are getting heated on Twitter after a conservative writer claimed Black people are colonizing Pride Month. Moore is a columnist and editor for the Spectator, a British magazine with a conservative following. His trending tweet is getting super ratioed (which tends to happen when the masses disagreeRead More →

LGBT+ rights, anti-racism, and mental health activist Alexander Leon’s Twitter thread went viral when he shared some words of wisdom with the internet. He struck a chord with many people when he addressed the topic of queer people creating a defense mechanism to protect themselves from being judged by society.Read More →

Things just keep getting worse and worse for Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. We suppose that’s what happens when you’re blatantly anti-Semitic and horrible in general. Palestinian Authority bans LGBT activities in West Bank.The ban came after LGBT group Al-Qaws was planing to hold a gathering for its members inRead More →

After years of complaints, Google reportedly took action to stop the search term “lesbian” from showing pornography before educational material. According to PinkNews, Google implemented this change in response to mounting criticism, particularly in France. Critics argued that by placing pornography and other sexualized images of lesbians before their historyRead More →

You might want to sit down for this white-hot HuffPost scoop about Pete Buttigieg’s problematic high school: The Catholic high school attended by Pete Buttigieg, the openly gay 2020 presidential candidate whose campaign already has exceeded expectations, has a policy against hiring educators in same-sex relationships. https://t.co/bc8OB58kaf — huffpostqueer (@huffpostqueer)Read More →