Super Tuesday results are starting to come in. Former Vice President Joe Biden has a commanding lead in Virginia. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is going to pull out in his home state of Vermont. And in one of the more unexpected early results, billionaire former New York City Mayor MichaelRead More →

MSNBC host Chris Matthews announced his retirement on Monday just days after a GQ article accused him of “sexist comments and behavior.” The Hardball host reported his retirement on live TV and apologized for the comments he’s made in the past. “Compliments on a women’s appearance that some men, includingRead More →

Members of the Reddit subforum r/The_Donald are claiming that Reddit officials are staging a coup against their community. The controversial subreddit has been quarantined since last year due to “repeated misbehavior.” According to a notice on the r/The_Donald homepage, this means the subreddit is “restricted due to significant issues withRead More →

At tonight’s Democratic presidential debate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) called out former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his record on gender equality. She again accused him of making women who alleged sex discrimination by him or at his companies to sign non-disclosure agreements and of personally telling aRead More →

Billionaire and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg has used some unconventional advertising strategies as he’s gone on a spending blitz ahead of Super Tuesday. First, there were the odd memes on Instagram influencer pages. Then, a Tim Duncan endorsement. His latest, however, is a bit more conventional: billboards. ExceptRead More →

Billionaire and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg said in 2016 that he believed young people were drawn to democratic socialism—the politics 2020 rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) espouses—because they thought it had something to do with social media. A clip of Bloomberg making the remarks was posted on TwitterRead More →

“Columbine” began to trend online Thursday after Twitter users discovered that some people not only sympathize with mass shooters but stan them. The trend kicked off as a response to a tweet calling for members to join a Twitter group chat dedicated to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the twoRead More →

Andrew Yang, the businessman who pushed himself into the conversation of the crowded 2020 Democratic presidential primary field, announced on Tuesday night that he was suspending his bid for the White House. CNN reports that Yang is planning to suspend his campaign in a speech on Tuesday night amid theRead More →