Sen. Ted Cruz is not happy that former billionaire financier and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell Saturday morning. As many do, he wants answers to how this was allowed to happen in a federal prison. That Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to take the coward’sRead More →

Jeffrey Epstein’s death from an apparent suicide while in federal custody did not sit well with Attorney General Bill Barr: Attorney General Barr is “livid” about Jeffrey Epstein death according to a source familiar. He is “determined to get to the bottom of it” and will release his own statementRead More →

Former Miami Beach Mayor and failed Dem gubernatorial nominee Philip Levine commented on this video of a “King Tide” in Miami (which always floods this low-lying area in the totally man-made section of the city) to make a comment on global warming and how “Mother Nature ain’t pausing”: This isRead More →

Everybody give it up for the Guardians of Truth, without whom we might never have known what a depraved, sadistic, predatory sleazeball Jeffrey Epstein is. The Jeffrey Epstein case was catapulted onto the national news radar by one newspaper, the Miami Herald, and by one reporter in particular —Read More →