You probably don’t remember it, but back in Spring 2017, people like Rachel Maddow were crowing at the top of their lungs that President Trump was trying to arm people with “severe mental illness.” Like the word “racist,” they just reflexively threw in the word “severe” for shock value, andRead More →

During the Democrat debate in Houston, around the time Beto O’Rourke promised that as president he’d oversee a mass confiscation (er, “mandatory buyback”) of guns in America, his Twitter account took Elizabeth Warren’s “I have a plan for that” slogan to the next level: Donate: — Beto O'RourkeRead More →

We’re not sure who’s hit the big time now, as “Who’s the Boss” child actor and Democratic activist Alyssa Milano meets with Sen. Ted Cruz Tuesday afternoon. Milano has brought along Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was shot and killed in Parkland, and he didn’t promise to be all smiles:Read More →

On a recent episode of “Outnumbered,” wrestler and political commentator Tyrus explained why he was concerned about the prospect of American citizens being stripped of their Second Amendment rights: This is insane. Tyrus on guns: "If my military has it, if my gov't has it, and we get into aRead More →

There’s something to be said for resisting the urge to spout off on something you don’t know a lot about. Unfortunately for so many gun control advocates, they don’t let a lack of knowledge stand in their way. Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Donna Edwards was on MSNBC earlier, where sheRead More →

Brilliant and totally serious Real Journalists are pitching fits over gun rights advocates’ insistence on using proper gun terminology when covering guns. Because, put simply, their feelings don’t care about facts. But unlike these journalists, tweeter @RobProvince actually knows a thing or two about guns — and he’s got theRead More →