It&#8217s fitting and excellent that&nbspCarol Burnett tonight grew to become the very first person to win an eternity achievement award for television in the&nbspGolden Globes! Also it&#8217s perfect that forever on came from here to eternity, the award will be named after her! Steve Carell just passed out the&nbspCarol BurnettRead More →

Father Receives Unexpected Gift and Cries Today we have somewhat of a surprising video. This is one very unique moment caught on camera. It’s Christmas eve and this father received a surprise gift from his son. We get to see the special moment in which this gift is handed toRead More →

Stephen Miller deserves every minute of the. Serving as a boot-licking lackey&nbspspecial advisor to&nbspDonald Trump, Miller continued&nbspFace The Country today to discuss Trump’s absurdly stupid border wall plan&nbspand another political issues&#8230 but people thought it was hard to hear his message simply because they were so focused on top ofRead More →

The word &#8216Nominative determinism’ refers back to the concept that many people are drawn to certain jobs that complement with their names. Can this phenomenon really hold weight? It may sound incredibly narcissistic to become drawn to stuff that help remind us of ourselves, however the studies suggest that theRead More →