Lizzo‘s had enough of the fatphobic and misogynistic comments that constantly get thrown her way. As you’re likely already aware, the 31-year-old singer is known for unapologetically celebrating her fuller figure and encouraging fans to love themselves in her music. During a candid new interview with Brazil’s TV Folha, theRead More →

Forget about the studies upon studies finding that social media is horrible for our mental health: influencers are now trying to straight up kill us! Multiple influencers have apparently started an alarming new “wellness” trend that involves not drinking any water. Alise Miksta (above), one of the many anti-H20 influencersRead More →

Halle Berry has always been in great shape. But she really pushed it to the limit recently! The John Wick Chapter 3 star took to Instagram to share the results when she hit her latest fitness goal — an absolutely shredded set of abs! Photos: Halle Berry And Other Celebs Doing TheRead More →