We can’t imagine anything more shocking than going out on location for your morning weather report, turning the camera on and broadcasting live to viewers across the country, and then having Chris Hemsworth walk into your shot! That’s exactly what happened to Australia’s The Today Show meteorologist Lauren Phillips the otherRead More →

Getting trapped in a toxic he-said/she-said is one of the most common and infuriating issues of reporting sexual misconduct. In the #MeToo movement, this pattern has often played out on a national (or even global) stage, with perpetrators trying to downplay their actions through wishy-washy apologies. In some cases, theRead More →

John Boyega isn’t happy with how his character was treated in the latest Star Wars trilogy. The actor made the bold move of blasting Disney for sidelining his character Finn over the course of three films in the blockbuster franchise, claiming that producers saved “all the nuance” for his whiteRead More →