A TikTok video trending on Reddit shows an anti-masker caving in and putting on a complimentary face mask after being denied service at a hardware store. The video was first posted to TikTok by Hailey (@tiktokwhooty). The original has since been made private, but it was also shared to Reddit’s popular r/PublicFreakoutRead More →

An anti-mask Karen has gone viral online after flashing an employee who refused her entry at Trader Joe’s. Footage of the incident, posted to Reddit’s highly-popular r/FuckYouKaren forum, begins as the unidentified woman argues with an employee. Karen is refused service for not wearing a mask then… from FuckYouKaren DuringRead More →

Photographs of maskless social gatherings attended by state Sen. Ben Chafin Jr. (R-Va.) have surfaced online following the politician’s death on Friday from COVID-19 complications. The 60-year-old lawmaker, who served Virginia’s 38th District, was seen throughout 2020 ignoring social distancing guidelines despite the ongoing pandemic. As noted in multiple postsRead More →

A cantankerous “Karen” who complained of low oxygen levels in the hospital miraculously found her breath when her roommate called her a cunt and shared the ensuing meltdown on TikTok.  TikTok user @naynaylyn11, who goes simply by Naya in her bio, uploaded the freakout in several parts on Dec. 3.Read More →

A California woman claims she was banned “for life” from a Trader Joe’s location after she harassed a manager over face masks in San Clemente, California. Alexis Autenrieth, a chef who makes juices, recorded the Dec. 2 incident on Instagram. She confronts a Trader Joe’s manager who is seen politelyRead More →

In years past, Americans never considered wearing face masks for flu prevention. But as we enter the 10th month of combating the coronavirus pandemic, infectious disease experts are also anticipating a devastating flu season. In an effort to prevent the spread of both viruses, we must wear our masks consistentlyRead More →