Rumors of New England quarterback Tom Brady’s demise will be tested when the Patriots host Derrick Henry and the Tennessee Titans in the first round of the NFL playoffs on Saturday. Henry, perhaps the league’s most unique and punishing running back, pulled the 2019 rushing title (303 carries, 1540 yards,Read More →

Living in a generation where everything seems to come instantaneously can skew the reality of our lives—and how we get to the end goal. Everything serves to paint an airbrushed picture of life for ourselves, those we know, and the celebrity culture of those we admire. We can only seeRead More →

Liverpool kept its unbeaten season going on Boxing Day with a 4-0 dismantling of Leicester City, and will attempt to keep its momentum in the Premier League holiday fixtures when Wolves come to town on Sunday after a very short turnaround after a wild 3-2 win over Manchester City onRead More →

For the first semifinal in the College Football Playoff, No. 4 Oklahoma Sooners (12-1) travel to Atlanta as Big 12 champions to take on No. 1 LSU Tigers (13-0) in an afternoon matchup at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. Grab your . These two #HeisMEN will face offRead More →

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