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Disney+ offers a vast library of content, including an impressive selection of live comedy and animated comedy series.The Simpsons, DuckTales, That’s So Raven, and America’s Funniest Home Videos are among the best comedies on Disney Plus.Disney+ is available for $6.99 per month, or $69.99 per year for an annual subscription.Read More →

If you like to be scared, or you’re drawn to the supernaturally spooky, the best horror shows on Hulu will cater to your needs.Hulu has a lot more than just scary flicks. Hulu has an impressive range of great movies, shows and Hulu Originals ready to entertain you.You can get the best horror on HuluRead More →

Broadway smash-hit Hamilton is finally available online, streaming on Disney+ from July 3. Filmed in 2016, this live theatrical recording stars the original Hamilton cast on Broadway, led by the show’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda. The musical’s pop-culture impact can’t be underestimated, so it’s no surprise that the lead actors hadRead More →

Sir Ian Holm, whose career in theater, radio, TV, and film spanned decades and included everything from Shakespeare to some of the most iconic sci-fi and fantasy films of all-time, died Friday morning. He was 88. “It is with great sadness that the actor Sir Ian Holm CBE passed awayRead More →

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Vanderpump Rules has managed to become one of the most beloved—or reviled, depending where on the reality television spectrum you fall—shows in recent history. Once a mere spin-off of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, today VPR stands on its own merits, those merits being tequila shots, screaming in alleyways, love triangles, Taco Bell,Read More →