As Twitchy reported, Legal Insurrection has been doing invaluable work in covering the legal battle between über-liberal bastion Oberlin College and Gibson’s, a family-owned bakery that faced boycotts and protests by Oberlin students and administration after an employee stopped three black Oberlin students from shoplifting alcohol. The super-woke students didRead More →

Just to make it clear right off the bat: death threats are abhorrent. And we’re very honestly sorry that there are people out there who would threaten the life of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. But … The “uncalled for rhetoric” to which Ocasio-Cortez referred Wednesday — and we agree it wasRead More →

Google’s internal think tank Jigsaw has released a new phishing quiz designed to test if users can tell the difference between a legitimate and malicious email. Jigsaw stated in a blog post Tuesday that its test includes “the latest tricks and techniques” used by hackers to target millions of people daily.Read More →