Fans of Fox News host Tucker Carlson appear to have doxed a New York Times reporter over a dispute regarding coverage of the conservative pundit. The incident began on Monday evening when Carlson claimed during a segment on his prime-time show that the Times was preparing to reveal his addressRead More →

New York Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones is speaking out against the Daily Caller Hannah-Jones says the conservative news publication is inciting its readers with a headline that she says misrepresents her views on the looting and violent protests, which erupted in the wake of George Floyd’s death. “Despite numerous commentsRead More →

Self-proclaimed journalist Andy Ngo doxed a minor after they threatened to milkshake him. Ngo posted a photo of the 17-year-old to his Instagram. He included the minor’s name and their location in the caption. The teen, along with friends, found Ngo’s phone number and texted Ngo a photo of himRead More →