OMG! This is crazy! Kellyanne Conway, the adviser and sometimes-media spokesperson to Donald Trump, is fighting with her 15-year-old daughter right now after the girl has been posting anti-Trump things on her TikTok account. Not long ago, on Friday afternoon, 15-year-old Claudia appears to have recorded a fight the two had with herRead More →

After they trolled his Tulsa rally and online store, TikTokers are now trying to review-bomb President Donald Trump’s businesses. A TikTok user, who goes by “Angel,” urged viewers to leave “One Star reviews on all of Donald Trumps restaraunts (sic) and businesses.” “It’d be a shame,” text across the screenRead More →

Facebook employees held a virtual walkout on Monday over Mark Zuckerberg’s apparent hands-off policy when it comes to President Donald Trump. Now, some say they are quitting. After Twitter took the unprecedented step to flag one of Trump’s posts for “glorifying violence” and fact-check another, Zuckerberg criticized that decision. ZuckerbergRead More →

Taylor Swift is done being silent. As you’re likely aware, the Lover songstress made the bold decision to directly call out Donald Trump via Twitter following his own controversial tweet calling rioters and protestors “thugs.” Related: Swifties Get Frustrated With Burger King After Tweet About The Singer In previous years,Read More →

It was inevitable, really, that the train-wreck worlds of these two men would collide so spectacularly like this… We’re talking about Donald Trump and Tiger King star Joe Exotic, of course, with the former now promising to “look into” the latter’s current prison situation and determine whether he actually deserves a presidential pardon.Read More →