LGBT+ rights, anti-racism, and mental health activist Alexander Leon’s Twitter thread went viral when he shared some words of wisdom with the internet. He struck a chord with many people when he addressed the topic of queer people creating a defense mechanism to protect themselves from being judged by society.Read More →

A South Carolina restaurant is getting review bombed after its owner received a 10-year sentence for enslaving and torturing an intellectually disabled Black man for 23 years. Bobby Paul Edwards, 54, of Conway, South Carolina, pleaded guilty to one count of forced labor in June 2018. Chris Smith started working at the restaurant, which hasRead More →

You might remember a post on Twitchy Wednesday in which Houston Chronicle columnist Erica Grieder just kept digging and digging and digging trying to make it true that it was conservatives who’d made Chick-fil-A an issue everywhere, completely ignoring the fact that the whole national kerfuffle started with a liberal boycottRead More →