In 2008, Mike Merrill divided himself into 100,000 shares and offered them to the internet for $1 a pop. After the initial wave of friends and family bought in, online strangers began to acquire shares of Merrill⁠—a regular person, not a company. With those shares come voting rights. Shareholders wereRead More →

A new cellphone app is cashing in on the deepfake craze by allowing users to place their faces into animated GIFs. Known as Doublicat, the app was recently launched for Android and iPhone and utilizes artificial intelligence to swap users’ faces with those of celebrities. Once downloaded, users are promptedRead More →

It seems like everyone has an app these days: Kim Kardashian West, Jeremy Renner, and now David Dobrik with David’s Disposable. However, where previous celebrity apps have been games or a means of keeping in “contact” with various celebrities, David’s Disposable is a disposable camera emulator. It’s similar to PolaroidRead More →

Google has reportedly taken action against white nationalist Nick Fuentes and his YouTube channel “America First.” The far-right YouTuber claimed in a tweet on Friday that the video-sharing platform demonetized his channel meaning that he can no longer earn revenue from advertisements. After years of inaction, YouTube has allegedly issuedRead More →