Autonomous vehicle company Waymo is set to begin offering fully driverless trips to a select group of riders in Phoenix, Arizona. A company email posted to Reddit states that participants of Waymo’s Early Rider Program may soon be picked up by one of Waymo’s Chrysler Pacifica minivans with nobody behind theRead More →

These days, consuming media is easier and more convenient than ever, thanks to no shortage of streaming services. But unfortunately, those subscription fees tend to add up—especially as more and more companies are throwing their hats into an already overcrowded ring. As such, many people are understandably less than enthusedRead More →

Juul is releasing a new Bluetooth-enabled vape pen that will allow users to monitor how often they use the device. Following a pilot program in Canada, the Juul C1 is now available to U.K. users looking to modernize their vaping habit. The device, which retails for £24.99 ($30 USD), is designedRead More →

Kiwi Farms, dubbed the internet’s “biggest community of stalkers” by New York Magazine’s Intelligencer, has gone dark. Just one day after website security provider Cloudflare pulled popular right-wing imageboard 8chan amid the El Paso mass shooting, an enormous distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack brought Kiwi Farms and its backups down, the site’s owner claims.Read More →