Let’s see those Bengal fur babies! While it’s no secret that we adore all cats, every so often we like to celebrate a certain breed and dedicate a whole gallery to that breed. We’ve dedicated galleries to tuxedo cats, calico cats, siamese, and more. This time, the Bengal cat isRead More →

We tend to share the wholesome and adorable side to animals, yet, every so often we like to share their other side… the evil side.  Sometimes, animals can be jerks and do jerky things. Whether they do those jerky things to us humans or other animals, it’s always hilarious. It’sRead More →

We made it, fellow cuteness lovers. This marks the 100th week of ‘Dose of Cuteness’, a gift to you from yours truly.  We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed all the cuteness up until now and as a reward we will continue to provide you with your weekly dose.  Every Tuesday, weRead More →

Thank you, Kris Jenner, for sharing this precious clip of your famous grandkids with the world! On Saturday, the 64-year-old took to Instagram and uploaded a video of little Stormi Webster, True Thomspon, Chicago West, and Dream Kardashian performing with a set of musical instruments at home. These toddlers wereRead More →

Susana Soares decided to give her dog, Mano, a much-needed haircut after noticing his hair was getting into his eyes. It’s been a hot minute since Mano has been to the groomers, and Soares has actually worked as a hairstylist (for humans) in the past.  So how hard would itRead More →

Believe it or not but it turns out the very first cat memes were created over 100 years ago, thanks to a photographer named Harry Whittier Frees. Harry Whittier Frees dressed up cats and posed them with props, just the way one would photograph a human. He basically did whatRead More →

It’s about that time where we all feel the exhaustion from Monday and the dread of the rest of the week. That’s why we interrupt that moment to bring you an important gathering of the cutest animals we’ve seen this week. Each week, we dig through the internet caves andRead More →

Mittens, the cat, is an icon in New Zealand. Mittens, originally from the suburbs of Auckland but really became a social media star when he, his brother Latte, and their owner, Silvio Bruinsma, moved to the capital city. According to Mittens’ Wikipedia page, since moving to the capital city, Mittens’Read More →