Has ICE gotten out of control? Well, more out of control… That’s what several legal advocacy groups say after filing a whistleblower complaint on behalf of a nurse at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center, alleging an unnecessarily high rate of hysterectomies were being performed on immigrant women there.Read More →

We can’t imagine anything more shocking than going out on location for your morning weather report, turning the camera on and broadcasting live to viewers across the country, and then having Chris Hemsworth walk into your shot! That’s exactly what happened to Australia’s The Today Show meteorologist Lauren Phillips the otherRead More →

There’s absolutely no doubt about it: Keeping Up with the Kardashians has changed the reality TV landscape forever! Although the beloved E! series is coming to an end in 2021 after 20 iconic seasons, fans will never forget the shocking, hilarious, and heartfelt moments shared between Kris Jenner and theRead More →

When will it end?! Despite much of the West Coast being on fire right now, and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it seems like all influencers want to do is party! On Wednesday night, numerous content creators, TikTok stars, and even Kylie Jenner gathered to celebrate Bryant Eslava, a photographer frequentlyRead More →

Just as we suspected earlier this week… Kanye West isn’t in it to win it, he’s in it to help Donald Trump! Days ago we reported on some of the super-shady operatives behind Yeezy’s “campaign” for President, and noted how even the New York Times had been openly questioning the rapper’s motivations forRead More →