A mariachi band was filmed outside the home of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) as controversy continues to swirl over the lawmaker’s trip to Mexico last week. The footage, posted all across social media over the weekend, shows the band performing Mexican standards like “Cielito Lindo” alongside a small group ofRead More →

Doesn’t it suck when your new flame turns out to be the exact opposite of who you thought they were? Jeffree Star found himself in this position only one month into his new relationship with (ex) boyfriend Andre Marhold. The controversial YouTube personality trended on social media Wednesday after informingRead More →

Is anyone surprised to discover yet more corruption in the college admissions process? In the wake of the college admissions scandal in which USC officials accepted bribes to let in the students of wealthy (and sometimes famous) parents, the state of California did an audit of their public university system.Read More →

[Warning: Graphic Details] David Eason continues to terrify us all! On Sunday, Jenelle Evans‘ controversial off-again, on-again husband (the last we heard they are actually back together?) gave his Instagram followers a graphic review of fresh “goat nuggets” — made with the meat from their pet, Elvis. He explained toRead More →