In August, the Indian government blocked internet access in the region of Kashmir. Now, due to company policy, WhatsApp has deleted Kashmiri users from its platform. For several decades, Pakistan and India have disputed for control over Kashmir. In August, India turned off the internet in the region. This week,Read More →

What if a bot answered your family’s questions about your job for you? While this might sound attractive to those with prying family members, the fact that this is now a reality for Facebook employees might strike some as a bit dystopian. The New York Times reports that after employeesRead More →

In a video from a recent Jack Ryan Q&A session, John Krasinski gave praise to the Central Intelligence Agency, and the internet was quick to put him on blast for it. In the video, originally posted to Twitter by user @dewybleach, Krasinski can be seen answering questions about his show JackRead More →