We’re at Day 7 on Sharpitegate with no end in sight. Here’s the latest from Brian Stelter: Did the language used to cover President Trump’s false tweets about Hurricane Dorian and Alabama end up helping him? @brianstelter digs into #Sharpiegate pic.twitter.com/omMS3BTbm9 — Reliable Sources (@ReliableSources) September 8, 2019 He’s madRead More →

Everybody give it up for the Guardians of Truth, without whom we might never have known what a depraved, sadistic, predatory sleazeball Jeffrey Epstein is. The Jeffrey Epstein case was catapulted onto the national news radar by one newspaper, the Miami Herald, and by one reporter in particular https://t.co/yynDM1kFV4 —Read More →

Uh-oh … CNN media firefighters are celebrating their chief! Hope you’ve got plenty of lotion: Chris Cuomo in Jeff Zucker tribute video at Mirror Awards: "One of his best skills is the ability to not seem as short as he actually is." — Jeremy Barr (@jeremymbarr) June 13, 2019 Marfmarfmarf.Read More →