They bite. They gnaw. They chomp. Even though cats have long been domesticated, they’ve still got some of their ancestor’s ferocity left—just look at their canines! But no matter how seriously cattos want to be taken, sometimes, they’ll end up looking completely derpy when they show their teeth. One ofRead More →

Ugh, clickbait. If there’s one thing we hate about the internet, it’s how some people trick us into clicking on links with ambiguous headlines. “You won’t believe how amazing this thing is (and it’s so awesome it’ll blow your mind)!” No. Just tell us what the article’s about! Fortunately, theRead More →

LGBT+ rights, anti-racism, and mental health activist Alexander Leon’s Twitter thread went viral when he shared some words of wisdom with the internet. He struck a chord with many people when he addressed the topic of queer people creating a defense mechanism to protect themselves from being judged by society.Read More →