Beyoncé is using the power of her voice for change! The superstar penned an open letter published to her official website on Friday, and addressed to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. In the letter, the singer urges Cameron to use his power to bring criminal charges against the officers who shot andRead More →

The graduating class of 2020 may not have been able to celebrate their achievements in person due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they did get one last send-off on Sunday by a star-studded cast! YouTube Originals‘ Dear Class of 2020 brought together Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Lady GaGa, Lizzo,Read More →

Living in a generation where everything seems to come instantaneously can skew the reality of our lives—and how we get to the end goal. Everything serves to paint an airbrushed picture of life for ourselves, those we know, and the celebrity culture of those we admire. We can only seeRead More →

New year, new you, new fitness goals! We get it, to the gym isn’t the thing you were most looking forward to in 2020, but here we are! But whether it’s weight loss, strength gains, cardiovascular improvement, or just general health and well-being, there’s no better day than today toRead More →

It has been a DECADE, y’all. We’re not talking OJ Simpson or Princess Diana here, but the 2010s had some pretty wild, gut-wrenching, salacious, and jaw-dropping scandals of its own. Cheating, breakups, breakdowns, major courtroom battles, and, unfortunately, a whole lot of dirty old men. What a decade for debauchery… Related: PewDiePieRead More →

Bella Hadid was just named the most beautiful woman in the world… Are you surprised?! The supermodel snagged the title after it was calculated she has what constitutes as the perfect face, according to the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi which measures physical perfection. The declaration was made by London-based plastic surgeonRead More →

Landon Rivera, the 19-year-old who created the viral “Beyoncé’s Assistant for A Day” game on Twitter, has just taken his innovative talents to the big leagues. Rivera has partnered with the interactive short-form storytelling app Yarn to launch more pop culture and celebrity-infused games. The latest one? Being Blue Ivy’sRead More →