Let’s see those Bengal fur babies! While it’s no secret that we adore all cats, every so often we like to celebrate a certain breed and dedicate a whole gallery to that breed. We’ve dedicated galleries to tuxedo cats, calico cats, siamese, and more. This time, the Bengal cat isRead More →

We know animals are pure and all things they do are pretty heckin’ wholesome, so it’s always amazing to hear stories about the pure and wholesome humans who go out of there way to help an animal.  It’s people like these that make us glad to be human. Sometimes, goodnessRead More →

Probably no one would argue that humans are naturally attracted to beautiful things. And how else could it possibly be when we live on this gorgeous planet where every corner is beaming with nature’s splendid creations, whether that be a scalding hot African desert or a tropical forest soaking withRead More →

Beautiful Tiger Family With Cubs Drinking Water Aren’t tigers just some of the most beautiful wild animals on this planet? These big and beautiful felines are great to see in the wild. In today’s video you get to see a family of them. The video shows a big beautiful mamaRead More →