Self-proclaimed journalist Andy Ngo doxed a minor after they threatened to milkshake him. Ngo posted a photo of the 17-year-old to his Instagram. He included the minor’s name and their location in the caption. The teen, along with friends, found Ngo’s phone number and texted Ngo a photo of himRead More →

We’ve already heard from one journalist, David Leavitt, who believes all the Republicans who “invaded the SCIF” Wednesday to protest Rep. Adam Schiff’s secret hearings should be taken into custody and questioned by the FBI. We weren’t expecting that, and we certainly weren’t expecting a piece in the right-leaning Washington ExaminerRead More →

Earlier today, MMFA rapid response guy Bobby Lewis took issue with independent journalist Andy Ngo wanting Antifa to be designated a terrorist organization. What would Andy Ngo know about Antifa? They only gave him a brain hemorrhage. Plus, how can Antifa be a terrorist organization when they’re not really anRead More →