Once a week, we will be featuring an extraordinary animal account on Instagram! Their story, the adorable pictures, and pawesome videos! This week’s spotlight goes to CATMANTOO!  Technically, this is an Instagram page featuring four cats and their owner/amazing trainer who goes by CATMANTOO, and is also known as Robert,Read More →

We’ve all been talking about the coronavirus non-stop and sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the flood of information. In these times of turbulence, there’s one person’s opinion I always want to hear to know what to do. That’s right, the Governator’s. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 72-year-old actor-turned-politician, addressed hisRead More →

If you think your pet can’t get any more adorable, think again. Just imagine them cuddled up like a tiny little precious pretzel on a miniature sofa made just for them. It’s somehow so appealing seeing your pets on pieces of furniture that are supposed to be for humans butRead More →