We can’t imagine anything more shocking than going out on location for your morning weather report, turning the camera on and broadcasting live to viewers across the country, and then having Chris Hemsworth walk into your shot! That’s exactly what happened to Australia’s The Today Show meteorologist Lauren Phillips the otherRead More →

Believe it or not but it turns out the very first cat memes were created over 100 years ago, thanks to a photographer named Harry Whittier Frees. Harry Whittier Frees dressed up cats and posed them with props, just the way one would photograph a human. He basically did whatRead More →

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta do whatever works best for you! That’s how Pink and Carey Hart have stayed together all these years, at least! And that’s according to the world-famous singer herself, who opened up a bit about the couple’s marriage successes and the benefits of professional counseling in an interesting Instagram LiveRead More →