We’re living in the 21st century and yet not every men’s restroom has a baby changing station. As if baby daddies don’t need to change diapers. Because of the lack of changing tables in restrooms, some dads have devised their own methods of changing diapers – this involves squatting downRead More →

You know how much Bored Pandas love Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag challenges. Whether that’d be wedding fails, most awkward texts or other fun stuff – we’ve got you covered. Recently, Jimmy asked his viewers to share tweets with the hashtag #RuinAMovieWithOneWord and you bet that Twitter delivered! From Love Actually SucksRead More →

LGBT+ rights, anti-racism, and mental health activist Alexander Leon’s Twitter thread went viral when he shared some words of wisdom with the internet. He struck a chord with many people when he addressed the topic of queer people creating a defense mechanism to protect themselves from being judged by society.Read More →

There’s procrastination and then there’s Procrastination with a capital ‘P.’ We’ve all been in situations where we’re supposed to be doing something important but we keep putting it off. (You might even be reading this article right now because you don’t want to finish that mega important school essay/job report/dragon-slayingRead More →

Dogs are, perhaps, the most beloved animal in this world. Their key characteristics of loyalty and friendliness have long defined them as the perfect companion for humans and countless of funny videos, pictures, and art are there to back up that claim. However, there’s definitely more to them than justRead More →

2019 was the year we celebrated inclusivity and, hopefully, 2020 will continue this trend and extend it further. Last summer, Bored Panda wrote about a clothing brand including models with various disabilities and chronic illnesses in their ad campaign, and more and more marketing campaigns are also including models thatRead More →