Let’s face it, we virtually know nothing about our bodies. I mean, we breathe, and sleep, and eat, and put it on repeat. But apparently, there’s some everyday magic we can do with our physique that we didn’t have a clue existed. Pull your seat closer. You know how you’reRead More →

What do people leave bad restaurant reviews for? Many reasons may be to blame, some legit, some not so much. But one guy who “really enjoyed the food and service” got upset about something entirely different. It turns out, his waiter’s shirt, which read “hi. don’t be racist. thanks.” wasRead More →

Cornwall, in the Southwest of England, is a magical place steeped in fairytales and the legends of King Arthur. Here lie the mysterious Lost Gardens of Heligan—Europe’s largest garden restoration project that spans 200 acres and is perfect for explorers, plant lovers, and romantics. Inside Heligan, you’ll discover many secrets,Read More →

The First Amendment gives Americans the right to assemble peacefully and air their views. And the FBI “respects the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights,” as stated in its press release published on the 1st of June. But in the wake of Mr. George Floyd’s death, on manyRead More →