Hoverboard Fail Ends With a Messed Up Christmas Tree Here we have a great example of why you shouldn’t use a hoverboard while you’re drunk. In this video we get to see what happens when you do exactly that. A couple gets home after a night out drinking and goRead More →

Fans from the popular DreamWorks animated series&nbspVoltron: Legendary Defender are petitioning for additional queer representation. The show&#8217s final season, open to stream on Netflix, incorporated a bare nod to LGBTQ fans within the epilogue. For any show initially thought by fans is the exception towards the rule, this came likeRead More →

Dealing with loss and grief is among the very most difficult things to pass through in existence, specially when someone not far from you has died in a tragically youthful age. Hilton Patton from Edmonton, Alberta, made the decision that the easiest method to recognition his late brother Boston endedRead More →

Everybody handles monotony differently. Many people continue Facebook. Others create art. But couple of can rival Twitter user @stabbyloki, who shoved a stuffed shark right into a scanner and demonstrated the web the outcomes. Behold. from monotony i made the decision to scan a stuffed shark. listed here are theRead More →

OK, so maybe the Julie Swetnick thing actually helped Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed by demonstrating the ridiculousness of the allegations against him, and yeah, maybe Stormy Daniels has to pay President Trump around $300,000 in legal fees. But that hasn’t scared away celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti’s newest client, Alexandra Chalupa.Read More →

Should you&#8217ve been planning on buying both an Amazon Echo as well as an Amazon Fire TV, the Amazon . com Fire TV Cube is the two-wild birds-one-stone solution. This little box listens whenever you speak and performs your instructions around the house as well as on your entertainment center.Read More →

Ben Shapiro called out the Washington Post over this op-ed arguing that conservatism “needs a new Weekly Standard untainted by Trump”: Opinion: Conservatism needs a new Weekly Standard untainted by Trump https://t.co/X2b1AZDxaZ — The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) December 15, 2018 Shapiro helpfully points out that one home for conservatism wouldRead More →