Welp, this just happened. We know, you’re totally shocked that YouTube censored Tim Pool’s video … on censorship. Youtube has removed my video on Censorship at Pinterest without notifying me or explaining what happened. I have no opportunity to appeal — Tim Pool (@Timcast) June 14, 2019 He can’t evenRead More →

  (Term & Conditions Apply eg. Rooms are complimentary but nominal booking & service fees, taxes etc are applicable.) Our ‘Members Only’ Complimentary Travel Incentive Program Afford You The Ability To Grow your Business by Giving Away ***UNLIMITED*** Complimentary Travel Certificates to: Clients * Customers * Prospects * Family *Read More →

Rep. Ilhan Omar is supporting her colleague by spouting a blatant lie that anyone with half a brain would know is complete and total BS. Yes, the ‘half a brain’ thing is important because of course some people totally believe her lies. Because they want to. Supporting my colleagues’ callRead More →

Picturesque villages, majestic animals and candid human moments – captured around the world by the photographers of this year’s National Geographic Travel Photo Contest. Each year talented artists allow us to travel the globe through the lenses of their cameras, which capture breathtaking moments we would otherwise miss. The contestRead More →