You’ve truly never seen Miley Cyrus like this before! Netflix dropped three new trailers for the fifth season of Black Mirror on Tuesday, each teasing a new episode of Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones’ futuristic anthology series. Like past seasons, the new episodes promise to serve as cautionary tales about|b8b3732b6cb6674623c03ad8e36c80ea|

As we told you earlier today, the news that President Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr plan to declassify material related to the origins of the Russia collusion probe isn’t sitting well with Rep. Adam Schiff: While Trump stonewalls the public from learning the truth about his obstruction of justice,Read More →

It’s come to this. Fed up with the widespread, pernicious anti-Semitism at NYU, incoming freshman Ellen Schanzer has withdrawn her acceptance at the university in a blistering — and heartbreaking — letter: An incoming college freshman, whose great-grandfather founded @nyuniversity’s music dept and was a professor there for many years,Read More →

In case you missed it, Alyssa Milano recently tried to make the argument that even pro-aborts like her are “pro-life” and that no one actually wants to get an abortion: "Nobody wants to get an abortion," says Alyssa Milano. "We are all pro-life. But there are circumstances that we cannotRead More →

Apart from the Chernobyl disaster, we rarely hear about nuclear accidents in the former USSR. However, there were plenty of them but they were all kept a secret from the general public. One particular installation – City-40 – was the first Soviet plutonium production complex and the site of threeRead More →

You might remember a post on Twitchy Wednesday in which Houston Chronicle columnist Erica Grieder just kept digging and digging and digging trying to make it true that it was conservatives who’d made Chick-fil-A an issue everywhere, completely ignoring the fact that the whole national kerfuffle started with a liberal boycottRead More →