Welcome to San Francisco, Nick Bosa! All the feels. The moment @nbsmallerbear became the newest member of the #49ers. : @NFL #NFLDraft pic.twitter.com/d073mGG3mi — San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) April 26, 2019 And after the former Ohio State star was selected in the first round of the NFL draft on Thursday,Read More →

Republicans are, like, so obsessed with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. So much so that they’re actually posing with cardboard cutouts of her, you guys: Nobody: GOP: Let’s pose our older male members next to cardboard cutouts of young female legislators https://t.co/tU0UbeZpf9 — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) April 25, 2019 This seems like somethingRead More →

If you’re an entertainment junkie like us, you’re probably always on the lookout for something that could enhance your entertainment viewing experience. One thing you definitely shouldn’t skip over: A great sound system. You’re most likely imagining a bulky set of speakers that will just end up taking space inRead More →

Is it our imagination or did Obama’s spokesman talk a lot about Joe Biden announcing his 2020 run without really saying anything? Take a look. Obama spokesperson on the former VP, now a candidate for President: pic.twitter.com/53XHAnUZ8h — Michael Del Moro (@MikeDelMoro) April 25, 2019 Really, Obama, that’s it? SelectingRead More →

On Thursday evening, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein spoke to the audience at an Armenian Bar Association event, and the Washington Examiner’s Byron York shared a passage from the speech: Rod Rosenstein, in a speech in NYC tonight: https://t.co/BNwhyLgail pic.twitter.com/UXIo0zcYtc — Byron York (@ByronYork) April 26, 2019 There’s only oneRead More →