In 2006, Al Gore made his infamous ten-year prediction about man-made climate change. It’s now been two years since that warning expired, and Gore’s fellow climate change alarmist and Dem mega-donor Tom Steyer is among those pushing the panic button about a new deadline: The IPCC climate report confirmed whatRead More →

Everybody knows these days that it’s increasingly difficult for comedians to actually practice the art of comedy in certain venues, and this is just the latest example. Don’t be drinking anything when reading this university’s contract demand for potential comedic performers: I just received an invitation to perform *comedy* atRead More →

Ryan’s Blockbuster Expansion Pack: Triune Store Christmas Sale! 25% off Entire Store: Ryan’s Full Blockbuster Pack: Suggestion of the Week: —————————————————————– **GEAR WE USE** COLOR GRADING LUTs: SOUND FX: MUSIC: VFX ASSETS: CAMERAS: C300 mkII: A7s II: C100: LENSES:Read More →