Classic 16-bit Disney Games Aladdin, Lion King Allegedly Returning to Stores

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The beloved and beautiful SEGA 1993 Genesis game, Disney’s Aladdin, might be joining the perhaps slightly less beloved, but no less beautiful, The Lion King (1994) in a collection allegedly coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. The two will reportedly be getting boxed retail versions for consoles this year.

The original Disney's Aladdin box art for the <span class=SEGA Genesis." src="" width="268" height="372" /> The original Disney’s Aladdin box art for the SEGA Genesis.

As confirmed in an image sent to GameXplain and first noted by Twitter user @wolverinefactor from the GameStop managers convention, the collection was shown off to attendees. It will allegedly include Genesis and SNES versions of these games and include original soundtracks.

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