You should NOT be talking: Obama aide who helped give Iran millions must’ve given them his self-awareness, too

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Former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes (yep, the guy who helped get us involved in the Iran Deal) is now out there trying to slam the U.S.’s current policy toward Iran as built on lies.

Trump’s Iran policy is rooted in lies:

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) May 16, 2019

And what did your administration “root” its foreign policy on with Iran?

'Stunning'! Just when you thought the Obama admin's Iran Deal shenanigans couldn't POSSIBLY get worse…

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) June 6, 2018

Because backing the Brinks truck up to the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism and giving them millions has nothing to do with what’s going on now.

SHOCKER! Guy Benson shares more disturbing evidence Team Obama's Iran Deal is a TOTAL fail

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) May 30, 2018

What a disaster.

Trump pulled out of the Iran Deal even though Iran was complying, and has been trying to provoke Iran into giving him a pretext for war ever since. He lied to the American people about getting us out of wars, lied about the Iran Deal, and is lying about Iran now

— Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) May 14, 2019

Oh, the deal was working out splendidly … for Iran.

At what point does Ben have to register as lobbyist for a foreign government? Does Iran technically have to pay him first?

— RBe (@RBPundit) May 16, 2019

You know, the Iranians could always choose *not* to attack tankers, crash drones into oil rigs, and put terror campaigns into motion. *Not* doing those things is in fact an option they have.

— Omri Ceren (@omriceren) May 16, 2019

Perhaps Ben can tell us more about how exactly we got tied up in the Iran Deal in the first place.

it takes a certain type of person, who having bragged how he deceived the American public and manipulated the media to get us into the Iran deal, accuses others of lying about getting us out of it.

— Legal Insurrection (@LegInsurrection) May 16, 2019

Yeah sit this one out.

— Matthew RJ Brodsky (@RJBrodsky) |4f72bfe2c0fb240add5901bf39fb86cb|

One of the biggest foreign policy debacles of all time.



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