Wow, Joan Walsh really owned Dana Loesch with this joke after Saturday’s mass shooting

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If we wanted to — and if we wanted to publish so many obscenities as to trigger Facebook’s algorithm to declare us a porn site — we could just do a post on all the people blaming Saturday’s mass shooting in El Paso on Dana Loesch, who was already put on a show trial on CNN following the Parkland mass shooting. Her fingerprints are on the gun the shooter used Saturday, don’t you know.

Here’s a typical tweet, but the reason we include it is for CNN political contributor Joan Walsh’s contribution to the thread, which consisted of what might be considered a joke if it didn’t so closely follow a horrific tragedy in which at least 20 were killed.

@DLoesch You have blood on your gun shilling hands. CC: @chwilde

— Maritxu (@dislexicon) |46abc57e517689d11cef99525875b1bd|

No, I don’t, and ridiculous remarks like these betray any concern you feel for the people whose deaths you’re exploiting right now in such a vile manner. Get some empathy and Jesus in your life. God bless.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) August 3, 2019

Loesch has been handing out a lot of “God Blesses” Saturday.

You have blood on your hands. Your children will NEVER, NEVER outlive your evil. Racists and evil people never think they are. You are a PRIME EXAMPLE. It is deplorable.

— K. Sennholz MD (@MtnMD) August 3, 2019

Always classy to bring Loesch’s kids into it — they always do. But wait, here’s Walsh making a funny:

She thinks it's beet juice.

— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) August 3, 2019


— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) August 3, 2019

Get it? Because one of Loesch’s sponsors is Super Beets. That’s what makes it funny. And speaking of funny, it’s funny how no one ever drags Kathy Griffin for being dumped as the face of Squatty Potty.

Mocking tragedy to own the cons. Nice look, Joan. God bless.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) August 3, 2019

CNN. Why am I not surprised 🙄

— Shamazing 🇺🇸 (@shamazing79) August 3, 2019

Oh, my. That's horrible. 🙁

— The Pickled Squirrel (@cirrus1701) August 3, 2019

Sad she finds this situation hilarious.

— Greg (@gbernsie) August 3, 2019

At least 20 people are dead, but she got in a good burn, so it all works out in the end.

Imagine working for CNN.

— LeBald James 🇺🇸 (@Warriorsln4) August 3, 2019

Your network is a joke, Joan. As are you.

— Hobe Brunson (@Hobetnvarsity) August 3, 2019

Low bar @cnn

— Dale Tait (@Hailsbells15) August 3, 2019

This is petty, hateful, and counterproductive.

— Will Estes (@WilliamAEstes) August 3, 2019

Classy comment from a CNN contributor, but we'd expect no better.

— LD (@LDreeniatnuom) August 3, 2019

— WorkingClassHero (@WrkClsHero) August 3, 2019

keep it classy @cnn making jokes about terrorist survivors.

— joe blow (@snowflake_troll) August 3, 2019

Just because some people refer to cnn as the clown or comedy news network, that doesn’t make you funny. Hell, you’re not even good at smartass. In fact, you’re the kinda person that makes me ask myself, what’s the matter with white people.

— Mike Mazor (@DelrayBeachMike) August 3, 2019

You're a foul human.

— Jack Dowd (@JackDowd65) August 3, 2019

Here is Joan Being a sick liberal

Thanks joan

— Rubylu (@rubylu18) August 3, 2019

Big Brained Fake News CNN mocking a tragedy to own Dana & the Cons.

— Cwullz (@CwillzV2) August 3, 2019

Boy, she sure owned Loesch. Maybe she can work that into her standup act.


Alyssa Milano sees mass shooting as ‘great opportunity’ for Walmart to stop selling guns it doesn’t sell

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) August 3, 2019

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