‘Who makes these damn decisions’? Latest suspension proves ‘Twitter is having an identity crisis’ [screenshots]

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If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading Titania McGrath’s Twitter feed … thanks to Twitter, you may never get the chance. The Twitter account has been suspended for, well, we’re not really sure. Maybe for satirizing wokeness just a little too brilliantly for comfort?

When not dominating on twitter @TitaniaMcGrath brought many of us to tears with her poetry & efforts to reshape children in her own image. 🙌🏽 #FreeTit #bringbacktitaniamcgrath pic.twitter.com/uX0GRexIhp

— Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) December 10, 2018

Think this was the last thing I RTed from @TitaniaMcGrath 😢😭#FreeTit #BringBackTitaniaMcGrath pic.twitter.com/ut2aAGuQO5

— Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) December 10, 2018

Two of my favorite posts from that account. Titania McGrath (@TitaniaMcGrath ) pic.twitter.com/8JrpyJzsRZ

Travel True (Jason) 🎅🏼🎁 (@J_H_5) December 10, 2018

Twitter just banned a parody account i got a few laughs from: #TitaniaMcGrath #BringBackTitianaMcGrath pic.twitter.com/0DP4jPWZh6

— James Adams (@JamesAd48131084) December 10, 2018

@TitaniaMcGrath has been suspended from Twitter.

Goddamnit, twitter. I will miss her inspiring outrage, her righteous hair-trigger offence, and her poetry. Above all, her poetry:#FreeTit pic.twitter.com/It99BeIgsp

— Ken (@KennethCMoyle) December 10, 2018

Twitter needs more like Titania McGrath … not less.

They suspended Titania McGrath!? What the hell? #bringbacktitaniamcgrath

— James Morrow (@pwafork) December 10, 2018

This super funny SJW parody account was suspended, and it’s a damn shame. @TitaniaMcGrath pic.twitter.com/M67vHVFsKW

— David Reaboi (@davereaboi) December 10, 2018

Twitter has suspended @TitaniaMcGrath. This is a big deal. She wasn't obscene, cruel, or hateful. She was simply a terrific satirist. @clairlemon is on the case, so Quillette will probably be weighing in.

What the hell is wrong with Twitter? #BringBackTitaniaMcGrath

— Charles Murray (@charlesmurray) December 10, 2018

What the hell is wrong with Twitter? How much time have you got?

Hey @Twitter @TwitterSupport why has Titania McGrath's account been suspended? Is it because she doesn't share your political viewpoint, or that you just don't get parody? pic.twitter.com/xHcQKonjdt

— David Leyonhjelm (@DavidLeyonhjelm) December 10, 2018

That's nice. Why has the brilliant @TitaniaMcGrath been banned? Being genuinely funny, clever & poking fun at self-important fools shouldn't see anyone banned. https://t.co/IanvTvCRB2

— Rita Panahi (@RitaPanahi) December 10, 2018

These random, unexplained suspensions are really bizarre. It would be nice to know what line @TitaniaMcGrath crossed making fun of SJWs since everyone likes making fun of them.

— Frank J. Fleming (@IMAO_) December 10, 2018

I simply cannot believe that the hilarious satire account @TitaniaMcGrath has been suspended from Twitter. She’s funny and by no means dangerous! Who makes these damn decisions anyway?#FreeTitania pic.twitter.com/91KcM3qhWH

— Daniel Barea (@D_Barea) December 10, 2018

I cannot believe Twitter has suspended @TitaniaMcGrath. That’s completely outrageous. Someone needs to update Milan Kundera’s The Joke, transposing the action from Soviet-era Czechoslovakia to the present-day.

— Toby Young (@toadmeister) December 10, 2018

Titiana McGrath, the brilliant satirist, has now been suspended?!?!

This is bad. Really bad. Things are getting worse by the day.

— Claire Lehmann (@clairlemon) December 10, 2018

Banning @titaniamcgrath is the single best evidence so far that @Twitter is having an identity crisis and it's lashing out in increasingly stupid ways.

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahNRO) December 10, 2018

Congratulations, Twitter, on managing to find another shark to jump.



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