What border? Alyssa Milano makes it clear that national borders are just arbitrary lines

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To anyone who questions whether or not Democrats want open borders, first, ask what their plan is to deal with the crisis at the border, and second, point them toward liberal activist Alyssa Milano, who assures us that our border is just an arbitrary line.

To those who say, “well, they shouldn’t have come here illegally”—

Why does this idea of an arbitrary line matter so much to you that you don’t care if people are dying when they cross said arbitrary line?!?!

— Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) June 25, 2019

People are dying on their way to cross that arbitrary line, so it must mean something.

Borders are just an "arbitrary line" to this genius.https://t.co/uysoP3VDXF

— Vern Demerest (@TxAv8r) June 26, 2019

I’m totally convinced that you just pull random words out of the air and put them on social media. Are you really that much in need of attention?

— Eric Rittmeyer (@MentalSpeaker) June 25, 2019

Milano,It’s called a border.We are a sovereign nation.We have every right to protect our country and it’s citizens.How do YOU agree with spending billions on people here illegally?Just cut the crap now.

— KatG (@KatGkannon) June 26, 2019

Because once they cross the line, the US Government is responsible for them. Why are you not this passionate about homeless?

— CA District 33 (@CADISTRICT33) June 25, 2019

It’s not an “arbitrary line,” it’s our country.

If you stop respecting that and our laws, we don’t have a country. All the reasons that people have for coming here wouldn’t exist

— Eduardo Neret (@eduneret) June 26, 2019

It's really as simple as this: If you can't enforce your border, you don't have control of your country.

This is NOT a difficult concept.

— (((L.N. Smithee))) (@LNSmithee) June 26, 2019

If the line was "arbitrary" they wouldn't want to be on this side of it so badly

It's called a country. If u don't protect it, the ideas n principles that make us the better side of the line go away

— People_not_sheeple 🇺🇸 (@Latina4freedom) June 26, 2019

The line is not arbitrary and it matters because that is where law and order begins and ends…depending which direction you're heading.

— Eve of Destruction (@EveODestruction) June 26, 2019

Every country has borders. Thanks to Democrats, every country except for the United States strongly defends those borders.

— Krassenstein Reparations (@shawnsBrain66) June 26, 2019

Because we are a nation of borders and laws. We expect those laws to be obeyed. Without borders and laws we devolve into anarchy. You are calling for anarchy if we dont enforce our laws. Didn't your Italian ancestors obey the laws to come here? Mine did. #ProtectOurSovereignty

— chris milburn (@cmilburn586) |905ee0ea036cc8780e2e8e6eb9671858|

Ms. Milano: that is a national boundary line, nothing arbitrary about it. Every nation, under International law, has the right to control people crossing its borders, period!

— robert estep (@bubbalee99) June 25, 2019

National sovereignty. If the benefits spigot were cut off, so would the influx.

— timsus (@timsus) June 26, 2019

Because, genius, they are crossing 105-100 degree desert w/o food or water, which nets them dehydration or heat exhaustion. The best humanitarian effort we can provide is to build the wall and discourage the journey.

Cartels and coyotes take advantage of these kids too

— Chris Monti ⭐⭐⭐ ❤🥓 (@ToxicExplodley) June 26, 2019

Also,@Alyssa_Milano, why don't you preach Obama's message:

"Don't send your children…"pic.twitter.com/ADQOPH8DUJ

— Chris Monti ⭐⭐⭐ ❤🥓 (@ToxicExplodley) June 26, 2019

Clintons and Obama said that illegal immigration is bad for your country. It's on countless videos. What has changed? Oh yea, Trump got in.

— Latarian Hoöd-Rat Orwell❌ (@Gordie_Orwell) June 25, 2019

No-one wants anyone to die @Alyssa_Milano. But why should US be forced to pay for people in other countries. We have people in our own country that need help.

🕊 NCGiGi (@GinnyGinny_1) June 26, 2019

Because we are a Nation of laws and we have millions of our own suffering who need our resources.

— Edd Pratt (@EddPratt) June 26, 2019

Why is it that you don’t care that Americans are regularly being killed by illegals who are not being vetted properly? Why is it that you don’t care about the homeless in your own state that are living in tents, defacating on the sidewalks and eating out of trash cans? #fraud

— Kimmie (@GimmeKimmiee) June 25, 2019

That ARBITRARY LINE is the difference between living off my tax dollars and not living off my tax dollars, it’s the difference between an American having a job and an American not having a job.

We spend upwards to $147B annually for illegals & they only contribute around $24B.

— Jana Creason (@CreasonJana) June 26, 2019

The arbitrary line is called a border we are a country of law, order and borders Alyssa ….do you have an arbitrary line on your property…or just an open front door to your home so can everybody can come in ?

— USA (@Kda183) June 26, 2019

Not an arbitrary line, it is a sovereign national border defining a country. What if I simply walked through your door which is an arbitrary separation, would you want me living in your house? Smarten up..

— American4ever (@American4ever1) June 26, 2019

Your property line is an “arbitrary” line. If I crossed it without your permission would you call the police to have me removed or would you welcome me with open arms? This isn’t a difficult concept.

— Red In America (@RedInAmerica) June 25, 2019

What’s your address to I can go into your house illegally and take whatever I want…since it’s just an arbitrary line.

— Chris Pyzik (@cpyzik) June 25, 2019

You literally have a gate around your house

— SharkFarmer (@sf28430) June 26, 2019

If that's how you feel, keep your doors wide open and let anyone in who wants in. They can be undocumented houseguests.

— Alexandra Spears 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐#WWG1WGA (@QArmy1973) June 26, 2019

Publish your address. Let people come over uninvited because you have more than they do and cross your arbitrary property lines, then we'll talk. Make sure more come than you can handle at one time.

— Sheepdog Covfefe (@navymig) June 25, 2019

Could the same argument not be made about a baby and a vagina?

— The Flying Redneck (@Redneck_pilot) June 26, 2019

Open your gates and doors to your home along with instructions on how to get there and get back to everybody in a few days time with an update 👍

— Mick Mulvany (@MickMulvany) June 25, 2019

The same reason you don't careabout a child who has crossed the arbitrary line between womb and cradle.You encouraged these peopleand their children to movetowards a closed door.You are responsible for this.

How's that sex strike going?#WalkAwayFromDemocrats

🇺🇸 Category 5 🇺🇸 (@agentofearthXL) June 26, 2019

Exit question:

Why didn't you care prior to 2017?

— Deplorious BjG (@BrandonG002) June 26, 2019


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— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) June 25, 2019

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