THIS is CNN: Adam Schiff spins his hearing ‘parody’ as ‘all too accurate’ while Wolf Blitzer nods & then moves on

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As we told you earlier today, Rep. Adam Schiff made a further mockery of himself and the entire Democrat push for impeachment after he admitted some dialog he was reading during an opening statement clearly intended to give the impression it was from the White House transcript was merely a “parody.” In other words, Schiff read fake dialog between Trump and Zelensky knowing much of the media would run the clip and people would think it was really in the transcript. Here’s how it unfolded if you missed it:

The Ukraine Call Transcript was so damning that Adam Schiff had to completely rewrite it and make up quotes that weren’t in

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) September 26, 2019

On CNN this afternoon, Wolf Blitzer asked Schiff about it, and the House Intel Chair was allowed to spin like the wind, almost completely unchallenged:

Blitzer asks Schiff in the most supportive possible way if it was a mistake fabricating dialogue from Trump's Ukraine call.

Schiff said no, and that his words were "all too accurate."

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) September 26, 2019

Is it too much to ask for a “journalist” to ask Schiff a fairly simple question, such as “if the transcript is as damning as you say it is, why is it necessary to fabricate dialog?” Apparently it is too much to ask. Instead, we get this:

Representative Schiif, did you editorialize in your recount of the contents of the content of the transcript?


Okey doke! Thank you sir

— DaveinTexas (@DaveinTexas) September 26, 2019

That’s exactly what just happened.

It’s truly all a big joke to them.

— Kel in Cali (@KinCali1) September 26, 2019

How can anyone defend this?

— Zatchhh (@ZachhhZachhh) September 26, 2019

“Do you regret the thing you apologized for?”


— vizz504 (@vizz504) September 26, 2019

Being a congressional weasel means never having to say you’re sorry.

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