The mic has been DROPPED! Mollie Hemingway OWNS CNN’s Jim Sciutto for complaining about Epstein conspiracy theories

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Peeps in the media are suddenly super worried about conspiracy theories now that they could actually hurt a Democrat like Hillary Clinton. Keep in mind, these are the same people who have spent years pushing the Russian collusion hoax, going out of their way to blame Trump for the El Paso shooting …

As Epstein conspiracy theories abound, remember this is about both partisan politics & broader loss of confidence in govt. When I was in the Middle East (the former conspiracy theory capital) that was the fuel: folks didn’t trust authorities so assumed a plot behind every event

— Jim Sciutto (@jimsciutto) August 10, 2019

Jim seems worried about people not taking the media seriously … wonder why.

Mollie Hemingway knee-capped him:

Kind of makes one wish that you hadn't pushed the patently absurd Russia collusion conspiracy theory for the last three years, doesn't it.

— Mollie (@MZHemingway) August 11, 2019

Patently absurd.


Trust is a fragile commodity. Difficult to build, and as fragile as a dewdrop on a leaf. Our politicians and media personalities run it through a chipper shredder.

— The Doctor (@TennantRob) August 11, 2019

What’s it like, @jimsciutto, to be owned by a journalist (not a play journalist)?

— Flyover Prole (@jswilt) August 11, 2019

It can’t be a good feeling.


They read The Boy Who Cried Wolf and thought it was a DIY manual.

— The Original Myiq2xu™ (@realmyiq2xu2) August 11, 2019

They didn’t learn anything from the Russia hoax.

— cràîg õf ¢rāigš ༄ (@CraigOfCraigs) August 11, 2019

Mama ain’t playin! 🤭

— Patriot Grrrl 🇺🇸🇮🇱 (@Patriot_Grrrl) August 11, 2019

Wasn't Sciutto the one who laughed off the Kavanaugh smears as "just politics"? BK was almost ruined by false charges. No biggie, says Sciutto.

— bigredtlc (@toddcox2) August 11, 2019

It’s challenging to keep all of the horrible things our ‘friends’ in the media have done to push their agenda and the Democrat’s narrative but luckily it sounds like some of this is finally catching up with them.



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