Stephen Miller (aka @redsteeze) drops the boom on Sen. Chris Murphy (who actually has a point)

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As Twitchy reported, President Trump said Wednesday night that he has an “absolute right” to declare a national emergency at the border if Democrats don’t give him funding for a border wall. Sen. Lindsey Graham was skeptical, but on Thursday he changed his tune and put out a statement encouraging the President to use emergency powers to build the wall.

A lot of Democrats are piping up and telling the GOP to be careful what they wish for. What would stop a Democrat president from declaring a national emergency over climate change or mass shootings, for example? Sen. Chris Murphy sounded the warning:

Hey Republicans, someday soon there will be a Democratic president. And once you open the “national emergency” bottle, the genie doesn’t go back in.

Betcha you could build a single payer health care system faster than a wall with Mexico. Just sayin.

— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) January 9, 2019

Ah, so that’s the top priority on their list.

You already tried to build that healthcare system and you failed so bad at it my dude that the country turned to an eccentric reality TV star to fix it. You’re not making the point you think you are.

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) January 10, 2019

lol imagine thinking this is why Trump got elected.

— Alex Leo (@AlexMLeo) January 10, 2019

It is.

— Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) January 10, 2019

Or not?

Good point. Trump got elected because you nominated Hillary.

— … (@jtLOL) January 10, 2019

Yeah, pretty accurate

— Eli (@UnrealElijah) January 10, 2019

It’s true though.

— ittehgaps (@ittehgaps1) January 10, 2019

It's why I voted for him instead if her.

— BetterDeadThanRed (@BetterDeadThan2) January 10, 2019

It is part of why he was elected, yes.

— Sgt. K. Onyx (@SgtKOnyx) January 10, 2019

Yep , it is

— Don B (@donbtd) January 10, 2019

Yea, pretty much it is. He nailed it.

— Sekrah Sports (@sekrah) January 10, 2019

Imagine thinking that it wasn’t.

Baseball Fanatic (@pcollins1754) January 10, 2019

It is.

— Thomas Magnum (@MagnumTomTroll) January 10, 2019

Imagine the ratio on your tweet wasn't brutalBut it is

— Chris Bieszad (@ChrisBieszad) January 10, 2019

Now that's a good point. The Democrats were so bad that half of America voted for the orange guy known for saying "You're Fired" – That takes some sinking in to really realize what happened.

— Frank (@TrendingViews1) January 10, 2019

Donald Trump’s presidency is Barack Obama’s legacy.

— Katiedid shedid shedidnt (@KShedidnt) January 10, 2019

What professional uses “betcha”?Second, after ACA vote didn’t obama lose some 1000 political seats?

— Steve lizewski (@lizewski67) January 10, 2019

Democrats lecturing about setting precedents lulz

— JankyDisplay (@JankyDisplay) January 10, 2019

Harry Reid opened the “nuclear option” bottle in the Senate and the genie that came out was Neil Gorsuch.

— J. Virtue (@bornwithvirtue) January 10, 2019

Also, don’t think for one minute the Democrats won’t have that genie out of bottle the minute they have the presidency. Regardless if Trump does it first or not.

— The Surburban Conservative (@rightleanings) January 10, 2019

See your man @BarackObama and DACA for the executive move that should have been handled by Congress. There’s your genie, genius.

Amd when there is a Dem Pres, we will attack them as illegitimate and assault the institution every day. Just like you. That is your legacy.

— Western Republican (@WestRepub) January 10, 2019

And it’s not like Democrat presidents haven’t invoked the National Emergencies Act; as CNN reported, there are currently 31 active national emergencies, 13 of which were declared by President Pen and Phone.

You’re my hero, @redsteeze. Perfect response.

— Beat4Bandit (@Winstonsmama5) January 10, 2019


'I hope it works': Lindsey Graham gives Trump his blessing 'to use emergency powers' for border wall

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) January 10, 2019

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