Slate shames NFL coaches for having no good excuse for not signing Colin Kaepernick yet

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In case anyone had thought the Colin Kaepernick kerfuffle had blown over, Nike reignited it in a big way in September by making Kaepernick the face of its, “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” campaign, which instantly launched a million memes.

And yes, the @KapWatch Twitter account is still going strong, marking each day Kaepernick “has been denied work in the NFL.” We’re up to 645 days:

How many days has Colin Kaepernick been denied work in the NFL? We're counting. |c276e1c81591d328063ab301882ea253|

— KapWatch (@KapWatch) December 6, 2018

Slate thinks that’s a problem, as NFL coaches have given no good reason not to sign Kaepernick.

They’ve had two years. NFL coaches still haven’t come up with a good excuse for their teams not signing Colin Kaepernick:

— Slate (@Slate) December 6, 2018

That’s funny, because it only took Twitter users a matter of seconds to come up with reasons not to sign Kaepernick.

Here’s two: he can’t play, and he destroys team cohesion. One more: he would cost the team more than he is worth.

— By the numbers (@TheRealFixNow) December 6, 2018

He sucks and is an ingrate who's bad for business and doesn't want to play because he has a new career as a victim. They have some nerve not giving Slate an excuse.

— Anthony Bialy (@AnthonyBialy) December 6, 2018

Lack of talent.

— JWF (@JammieWF) December 6, 2018

Because he sucked as quarterback?

— Daniel McAdams (@DanielLMcAdams) December 6, 2018

Sucking isn't a reason?

— Rich Lezcano (@RichLezcano) December 6, 2018

Let's see…. Subpar to poor quarterback. Needs a specific offensive style to even possibly have some level of success and a side show that would add distraction to a team. If you aren't a franchise player and you have a ton of baggage you aren't going to get hired.

— dennisw59 (@dennisw59) December 6, 2018

How about the last year he played his play was horrendous.

— Joel Hastings (@Rywn) December 6, 2018


— Tacitus KilgorE👌 (@RebsAllin) December 6, 2018

16 losses in his last 19 starts?

— High Functioning Sociopath (@rorschach1934) December 6, 2018

He wasn’t good. Isn’t that reason enough for you? Look at his last two seasons.

— Ponz (@OfficialPonz) December 6, 2018

He’s not good. Go and watch his film from his last year in the league. You’ll come to the same conclusion.

— Deshawn Frederick (@musterbed) December 6, 2018

Because he was in the bottom third of QB's in the NFL his last two years and wanted top 10 QB money?

— Thatsgoingtobeahardno (@wrongbucko) December 6, 2018

He's a third string quarterback demanding a first string salary. Not that difficult at all to see what the problem is, but I'm not a clickbait whore like @slate, so I don't have my head shoved that far up my ass.

— Johnny Is The Answer Jesus? Upton, Esq. (@rickajay9372) December 6, 2018

You need to research correctly to put out accurate headlines. Watch his game tapes. But why research, right?

— Mr Moose (@Sauderman) December 6, 2018

OMG, please stop with this

— Pro Consul (@LA_ROQ255) December 6, 2018

How many years down the road will we still be hearing this. Clearly, it's over. So let it rest.

— Kyle Worel (@kworel) December 6, 2018

He's a subtalented pain in the ass, the locker room equivalent of the turd in the punchbowl.


— J.G. Petruna (@jgpetruna) December 6, 2018

Believe me, if he could throw a football, he’d be playing. But he sucks. Coaches will tolerate a ton of baggage from talented players. He’s not one of them.

— Drew Harding (@adrew_harding) December 6, 2018

No excuse needed.

— Randall Fabiano 🇺🇸🇮🇹🇮🇪 (@lugosiwashere) December 6, 2018

I was not aware they needed one…

— Dan Cooper (@mrmadchef) December 6, 2018

Other than he’s a backup at best, you’re right

— Ron “Baker” Mexico (@SimpleWater1) December 6, 2018

Because the only reason they hire anyone is to win football games and sell more tickets. Period.

This isn't complicated.

— Tom (@BoreGuru) December 6, 2018

How about "An organization never needs to justify passing on someone who is not qualified for the job" ?

— AJ Powers (@aj_powers) December 6, 2018

Did you ever think that maybe he is not that good of a QB and nobody wants to put up with his drama ?

— Jim Maniaci 🎅🏼 (@jimmaniaci) December 6, 2018

Teams don’t need an excuse for who they want to be the face of their franchise, they want to try to find someone who knows how to win and will cause as little trouble as possible for them. No one owes him anything.

— SuperflyM&P9 (@SuperflyMP9) December 6, 2018

He's a distraction. That has always been a valid reason for passing on a player. When the distraction exceeds the player's performance the career ends. I support the protests 100%, but every player knew this long before any kneeling controversy.

— Mark (@flagg33) December 6, 2018

It does sound like some NFL coaches are being disingenuous. But would Slate hire even a talented journalist who picketed his last employer while wearing a MAGA hat, and then sued several potential employers for not hiring him?

— David Pittelli (@DavidPittelli1) December 6, 2018

Slate doesn’t have to explain its hiring decisions to anyone.

Why don't you give him a job, @Slate?

— Douglas Coughlin (@cogswell250) December 6, 2018


Just cancel it: Amy Schumer won’t appear in any Super Bowl ads in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) October 20, 2018

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