Sketchy AF –> Why OH WHY would Ilhan Omar delete an innocent Father’s Day tweet from 2013? (hint: her brother)

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We read a lot of stuff on Twitter that reeks of ‘tinfoil’ because let’s face it, it’s Twitter. But every once in a while there is something newsworthy with that tinfoil, something real …

Ilhan Omar deleted a tweet wishing her dad a Happy Father’s Day back in 2013.

Why oh why would she do that?

Ilhan Omar has just deleted this tweet from 2013 that proves her father is Nur Said, which makes her Ilhan Nur Said (surnames are the fathers names in most Muslim/MENA countries), and that Ahmed Nur Said, who she married, is in fact her brother.

Why did you delete it, @IlhanMN!?

— Imam of Peace (@Imamofpeace) September 17, 2019

It’s nothing more than a Father’s Day greeting … what’s the big deal?

The deletion of the post is as much evidence of fraud as the post itself is. Why would someone delete a post wishing their father a happy fathers day, unless it incriminates her in lying about basic aspects of her life.

— Luke Rosiak (@lukerosiak) September 17, 2019

We already know she’s a liar, this just sort of seals the deal.

It also reiterates a clear pattern in which Omar sketchily deletes old, incriminating posts when people find them.

Remember there is ample proof that she married her brother and Nur Said is their father from Instagram, but the media didnt use them bc they didnt trust screenshots

— Luke Rosiak (@lukerosiak) September 17, 2019

Media didn’t use the screenshots because the media didn’t want to report the story.

Besides, they’re far too busy trying to find ways to prove Kavanaugh was a bad guy in college or something.

Did Ilhan Omar delete MORE evidence she married her brother?

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) September 17, 2019

Why did you delete this tweet, @IlhanMN?

— The Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) September 17, 2019

It’s a fair question.

This was deleted by Rep. Ilhan Omar this morning, and I would like to know why

— Jon Levine (@LevineJonathan) September 17, 2019

Join the club.

Here is archive

— Jon Levine (@LevineJonathan) September 17, 2019

Which proves it’s not just a screenshot someone created.

I’m unclear. Was her brother the one she cheated on with the married guy, or was that a different husband? I think I need a program to tell me all the married guys she cheated with and relatives she’s married. |85653d156a686ea6db71c05cf674c964|

— Kurt Schlichter (@KurtSchlichter) September 17, 2019

This sounds like a really bad soap opera at this point.

Cue the ‘racist, sexist, Islamophobic’ shrieking in 3 … 2 … 1


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