‘SHOW YOUR WORK’! Rep’s brag about what House Dems have ‘delivered’ to Americans sends heads CRASHING to desks

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So… what have the House Democrats gotten done since January of last year? Allow Democrat Rep. Ben Ray Luján to explain:

The American people entrusted @HouseDemocrats with lowering prescription drug prices, reducing the price of |f129f3ea79ee51c8da3edbc0e8297c29| care, raising wages by rebuilding America, & cleaning up corruption in Washington. And we are delivering. #100DaysForThePeople https://t.co/XeJfTMzXcr

— Ben Ray Luján (@repbenraylujan) April 24, 2019

Er… we’re going to have to see more information first:


— VK (@vjeannek) April 24, 2019

Um, show your work. https://t.co/CBrawtnnAe

— Federalist Musket🇺🇸 (@Patriot_Musket) April 24, 2019

He tried.

WTF is he talking about??? Not only did they not elect them for those reasons, they haven't done jack diddly! Dude's on crack. It's the only explanation for such delusions. pic.twitter.com/5RQR6fIxnh

— Caffeine Queen (@Philly_Hoosier) April 24, 2019

We’re still unsure how the House Dems alone managed to “deliver” all that to Americans in spite of the Republicans holding the Senate and the White House.

Wut? pic.twitter.com/PDhyZqBPeD

— Patrick (@Tall_6ft8_guy) April 24, 2019

Also, you haven't tried to do any of this. It's all just "Orange Man Bad" with you idiot, isn't it. https://t.co/a4aHSmGvpS

— JGrahamMac (@JGrahamMac1) April 24, 2019

Like your doctor, keep your doctor.

Democrats have done nothing but harass Trump for the last two years. A complete and total failure of a party.

Shame on you all.

Question : When exactly did democrats develop such a hatred for America?

— TheDiveWhisperer (@thdivewhisperer) April 24, 2019

If Rep. Luján’s not careful President Trump could use his tweet as further proof that a Republican in the White House has made America great again.

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