‘Over 100 dead & 6,000 injured’: In other news, Iraq appears to be falling apart. . .

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We know impeachment is a big news story and all, but maybe it’s time for a little bit of focus on WTF is going on in Iraq, ‘eh?

Iraq is literally BURNING LIKE HELL yet US media continue to focus on Ukraine/Impeachment bullshit out of proportion.

Maybe it is some time to give a break and focus what matters the most since what’s happening in Iraq is essentially an American mess?

— Ragıp Soylu (@ragipsoylu) October 6, 2019

Reports are that the protesters are angry at corruption in the government:

“As services and opportunities decline, corruption in #Iraq has soared along with the summer temperatures, prompting Iraqis to risk their lives calling for change on the streets“ writes Florence Dixon https://t.co/9jnMLDMZ7s

— The New Arab (@The_NewArab) October 6, 2019

Over 100 Iraqis have been killed with an estimated 6000 injured since Tuesday:

“Security forces did all they could to preserve the safety of the protesters and security personnel,” Iraq's Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Saad Maan said with over 100 dead & 6,000 injured since Tuesday — @Ahmed_Rasheed_R, @JohnDrtrs https://t.co/FTtjCD3IyY

— Aaron Magid (@AaronMagid) October 6, 2019

There’s one report of “Iranian-led militias, deployed by the Iraqi government” firing RPGs at protesters:

Unbelievable.Iranian-led militias, deployed by the Iraqi government, fire RPGs at unarmed protesters in Baghdad.The regime is losing its legitimacy as we speak.#Iraq pic.twitter.com/t1Wr94dHji

— Julian Röpcke (@JulianRoepcke) October 6, 2019

Video here:

#Iraq 🇮🇶: protesters being targeted with RPG missiles by the government pic.twitter.com/DCifVYcmSo

— Thomas van Linge (@ThomasVLinge) October 6, 2019

Iran vs. Iraq, continues:

Protesters in Karbala rip apart a public banner that includes the pic of Iranian supreme leader Khamenai(put there by Badr organization) alongside chants for Iran to leave #Iraq pic.twitter.com/KSeObu8mT8

— Steven nabil (@thestevennabil) October 6, 2019

And on state media, cooking shows:

In case you are interested in what is happening in Iraq you can follow tweets or watch the main state channel and learn how to cook. 4000 wounded and over a 100 killed within 120 hours, but you can learn how to cook pic.twitter.com/uvEKoQTKIw

— Steven nabil (@thestevennabil) October 6, 2019

Iraqi Americans are protesting in front of CNN, so maybe this will get more coverage:

Iraqi Americans are protesting in front of @CNN and demanding more coverage on their international desk of what is happening in Iraq pic.twitter.com/6AFZHEZBhy

— Steven nabil (@thestevennabil) October 6, 2019


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