OOPSIE! Jessica Valenti claims piece on AOC’s ridiculously expensive hairdo would NEVER be written about a man BUT …

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We get it.

Jessica Valenti is a feminist, and part of modern-day feminism is constantly playing the victim card when any woman (on their side) comes under criticism. Take for example the media writing about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s $300 hairdo. The main reason the media covered this (although really it is a non-story) is that $300 for a hairdo seems like an awful lot of money for a socialist who complains about rich people all of the time to spend.

It has ZERO to do with her sex.

1) this would obvs never be a story about a man

2) this is not an expensive haircut/color for a public figure who is frequently on TV

3) if her hair was raggedy, that would be the lead story instead

4) 🙄🙄🙄🙄https://t.co/CyXaQ860ts

— Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) October 10, 2019

Notice she says it would NEVER be a story about a man.

That’s important.

She continued.

Sorry you don’t get to create beauty standards that require women to spends hundreds or thousands a year to be considered presentable and then hate us for it

— Jessica Valenti (@JessicaValenti) October 10, 2019


Except there have been plenty of men in politics who have been criticized for what they’ve spent on their appearance … like John Edwards.

Umm…@JessicaValenti…I guess you're too young to remember the controversies about both Bill Clinton and John Edwards getting massively expensive haircuts, the former stopping Air Force One on a taxiway to let the stylist on board. https://t.co/My5HihgHY9

— Bern Need Bandages (@TheGreyMouser1) October 10, 2019

I can totally see why John Edwards haircut was so expensive. pic.twitter.com/I5hcgI9n3W

— Drew Dyck (@drewdyck) October 10, 2019


1) meet John Edward's https://t.co/apROW9t7lo

2) yes it is.

3) you are right but it doesnt take $300 haircuts to look presentable in public

— Fred Moses (@kcfan85) October 10, 2019

John Edwards, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry’s all had multiple articles written about their hair cuts – Perry swore by a 25 dollar haircut, while Edwards and Romney both cleared 800/month whil campaigning. It was a big deal. https://t.co/WYSAAvVCwb

— BooPaulsDraculaRace (@GegenHakenkreuz) October 10, 2019

$800 a month on their hair.


Unless John Edwards haircut is secretly behind oppressing Hong Kong or killing Jeffery Epstein I don’t know why it’s trending.

— Jamie Kilstein (@jamiekilstein) October 10, 2019

In other words, yes, everything is still stupid.

You’re welcome.


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