Now THIS is funny: Brian Stelter’s ‘humble, naive hope’ for the #MuellerReport today has people HEE’ing and HAW’ing

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Brian Stelter can’t really think for one moment that anyone is going to take him seriously about his ‘humble, naive’ hope for the Mueller report, right? You have to wonder if this guy has been paying any attention to even his own timeline over the past two years …

My humble, naive hope for today:

That everyone pays attention to what the Mueller report actually says, not what partisans SAY it says…

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) April 18, 2019

Not what partisans say it says?


Someone grab ol’ Bri a mirror would ya’? Or at least remind the guy he works for CNN.

Now that made me laugh 😆 out 😆 loud 😆

🤔I’m Thinking… (@askamys) |7fbfb78d24504ea4ba48bcf88d5ecdc3|

This editor MIGHT have snort-laughed.

More than once.


Is that a pledge from you?

— Lisa Dickison (@LisaFayD) April 18, 2019

Psh, as if the Hall Monitor will stop monitoring halls anytime soon.

It's been very hard to ignore the volumes of what CNN said it will say for many months now.

— GOTO Foto (@GOTO_Foto) April 18, 2019

It’s seriously as if he is trying to pretend he doesn’t work for one of the most partisan news outlets maybe EVER.

Start with your colleagues.

— Darling Nikki™ (@nickkifu84) April 18, 2019



— Neb Rebreg (@begerber) April 18, 2019

Good point. This is why I don’t watch CNN anymore and never watched @Foxnews. What happened to reporting the news undigested? Respectfully, I don’t want my news chewed on and analyzed by partisan pundits prior to delivering the news. Our country is in a news and leadership crisis

— James Benitez (@AtlantaLFC) April 18, 2019

He really did set himself up for this one.

LOL, you said that in your newsletter last night then put in a section about how great it was that people stopped thinking the report was good for Trump.

You are the partisan you want to abhor

— Rob Eno (@Robeno) April 18, 2019

‘Nuff said.


When will YOU apologize? Dana Loesch drops a WHOLE lotta OpenSecrets truth RIGHT on Ilhan Omar’s head and it’s GLORIOUS


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